After diamond, Sapphire is the next hardest gemstone you can ever find. This is also the most expensive one if compared to other gemstones. If you’re heading to buy sapphire without being ripped off with a substandard gem, Tanzania Sapphire is something you can rely on. Yoeni Mining is the top sapphire gemstone wholesaler who guarantees that when you buy the sapphire from them, you’ll have only the best quality and genuine deals.

#1 Fancy Sapphire Supplier in Tanzania:

At Yoeni Mining, we offer you the widest range of sapphire gemstones that suits your budget and needs. Starts from the most prized royal blue sapphire, Camelot and commodore blues, we sell an array of sapphire gemstones that you’ll prefer to have. Some of the settings available at us are made of cool tones metals like silver and white gold. If you are crazy about having Padparadscha sapphires, it really looks great in yellow gold settings and available in our store in affordable price.

We Are Leading Tanzanian Sapphire Manufacturers:

We are a responsible Tanzania Sapphire provider. Ours is a good place where you can start buying the gemstones. Just compare the prices we offer with the prices from competitor stores and you’ll come to know that ours are more affordable. Unlike the local jewelers and individual sellers, our products are authenticated with official certification that proves us a legitimate gemstone dealer.

We are the leading wholesaler and exporter of sapphire gemstone in varied color range like blue, pink, yellow, and other fancy colors too. At Yoeni Mining, we supply quality gemstones to dealers, customers, and people at global locations. We offer the extensive range of gemstone choice at a competitive price. And, all of the above, our gemstones come to you with quality guaranteed. Every stone in our inventory is natural and not man-made, lab created, or artificial. So, don’t wait any more. Buy your favorite sapphire at us and get the genuine deals in more affordable price tag.

Technical Data

Chemical Composition and Name Al2O3 – Aluminium Oxide
Hardness 9
Refractive Index 1.759 – 1.767 to 1.770 – 1.779
Specific Gravity 3.96 – 4.01
Birefringence 0.009
Crystalline System Trigonal