Cut Diamond Stone Suppliers in Tanzania

Ever since the diamonds were introduced to the human race they have turned out to be the most favorite of all jewels. Over the years women especially have developed an immense liking for diamonds in comparison to the other jewels present in the market. We at Yoeni Mining Co. Ltd are renowned for the beautiful and sparkling diamonds that we retail and wholesale in. Although there are many other countries popular for their diamonds but according to several consumer surveys conducted Tanzania Diamonds are known to be the best in the world.

About Yoeni Mining Co. Ltd:

Our company is registered as one of the best gemstone dealers based in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Tanzania the place renowned for the high quality gemstones is even popular for the wholesale and retail of these gemstones. The industry of gemstones is a vast one and amidst this to stand out as the best dealers that retail the best quality gemstones has been quite an achievement for us.

About Diamonds:

It is quite amazing how a simple stone or graphite like stone can be transformed into something completely unique and stunning. Women all over the globe have an immense fascination for diamonds. They can go to any extent to discover the best diamonds and now they can get what they wished for at Yoeni Mining Co. Ltd. We hold a deep sense of proud in the amazing collection of gemstones that we retail and wholesale in. Apart from being recognized as the most reputed cut diamond stone suppliers in Tanzania we even offer other gemstones.

Amazing collection of Gemstones available at Yoeni Mining Co. Ltd:

    1. Diamonds
    2. Tanzanite
    3. Tourmaline
    4. Emerald
    5. Ruby
    6. Amethyst
    7. Alexandrite
    8. Spinel
    9. Sapphire
    10. Tsavolite Garnet and many others

Why Choose Yoeni Mining Co. Ltd:

This is definitely one of the most common queries of majority of the gemstone buyers. Tanzania is the core of gemstone dealers. But why choosing us at Yoeni Co. Ltd will be the best decision is because we incorporate modern mining techniques during the exploration process of these precious gemstones. The result is that today at Yoeni Mining Co. Ltd we own the best quality collection of gemstones available in the business.

Gemstone Name Diamond
Chemical Composition Cn
Chemical Name Carbon
Hardness 10
Refractive Index 2.42
Bi-refringence 0
Specific Gravity 3.52
Crystalline System Cubic
Dispersion 0.044
Thermal Expansion 1
Atomic Number (Carbon) 6
Atomic Weight (Carbon) 12.0107
CAS Registry ID (Carbon) 7440-44-0
Atomic Group Number (Carbon) 14
Atomic Block (Carbon) p-block