Buy Loose Spinel Gemstones Tanzania

If you’re one who wants to wants to buy Spinel, the forgotten jewel of the Gemstone world, Yoenimining is the right place to visit. We are the only place where you can access Spinel in just about all colors. Irrespective of the colors, all these stones are of gemstone quality. For us, Spinel Gemstones are available for the buyers in almost every color and especially Ruby-like red color that is more in demand.

We Offer Only The Best:

We know that Spinel has been very rarely irradiated or heat treated gemstone, thus we give you one that’s natural, genuine and authentic. The range of Spinel gemstones we offer includes:

  • Flame Spinel
  • Balas Spinel
  • Pleonaste
  • Hercynite
  • Gahnite
  • Gahnite

Since over a decade, we have been offering precious gemstones to our clients worldwide. The entire variety of Spinel gemstones that we sell to the buyers are cut and polished in our state of the art gemstone units using the latest technologies backed by the strictest standards for proportion, polish, size, and shape. Our manufacturing units have gemstone experts and professionals who have meticulous creativity and craftsmanship to accomplish the orders and deliver only the best products in stipulated time frame.

Why To Consider Us:

Over the years we have successfully developed a huge customer base for Spinel Tanzania wholesale with our incredible service and customer support. On our store, we sell natural precious & semi precious Spinel gemstones that are certified by recognized gem testing laboratories in Tanzania. Being the renowned wholesaler of Spinel Gemstones from Burma and Tanzania, we understand our responsibility. Thus, our gemstones go through multiple testing in renowned and trusted laboratories. With our gemstones, we provide original testing certificate to buyers.

At Yoenimining, we provide buyers Good/high quality Spinel Gemstones from Burma and Tanzania. If you want to buy Loose Spinel Gemstones at very reasonable price, come to our store. We will offer some irresistible offers that suit your budget.

Technical Information
Chemical Composition and name: Magnesium Aluminium Oxide or Magnesium Aluminate MgAl2O4 or MgO Al2O3.