Alexandrite Suppliers in Tanzania

We at Yoeni Gemstones have years of experience in wholesale and retail of cut and rough gemstones. We have been catering to the specific demands of high quality precious and semi-precious gemstones requirements worldwide. In this process our company Yoeni Mining Co. Ltd ensures in following ethical principles during the mining process of the gemstones. This is even the main element why our clientele are expanded throughout the globe for our naturally and responsibly sourced gemstones.

We retail some of the most valuable to rarest of gemstones at most cost effective prices in East Africa. Few of the valuable and rare gemstones displayed at Yoeni Gemstones are Tourmaline, Tsavolite Garnet, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Spinel, Alexandrite and Amethyst. Amongst our gemstone collection Alexandrite is the most unusual gemstones. We are even known to be one of the largest Alexandrite Suppliers in Tanzania. This is mainly because our company Yoeni Gemstones acquires the richness and potential mineralized zones for mining in Tanzania.

Years of Expertise:

We are recognized for our expertise of over 2 years for grading and sorting the highest quality Alexandrite loose stone Tanzania. For enhancing the appearance of Alexandrite gemstone we even have professional gemstone cutters. As this unusual gemstone’s Alexandrite unique feature which changes color when viewed in different lights requires specialized skills.

Alexandrite the Unique Gemstone

Alexandrite is mainly mined in green, yellow and brown colors. The color change feature in this unique gemstone is caused by the partial replacement of aluminium by chromium. This replacement makes the gemstone appear green in daylight and to color red in tangent lighting. Alexandrite stone is a double refractive and bi-axial for which it possesses 3 different refractive indexes in 3 different optical directions. These directions have different absorption spectrum causing different colors when viewed from various angles.

In terms of the evaluation of Alexandrite stone it is gauged by three essential characteristics. The characteristics are color, shape and value. The chemical name and composition of this phenomenal stone is BeAI204- Beryllium Aluminium Oxide. There are few technical details upon which this stone is valued and that are its hardness, refractive index, Bi-refringence, specific gravity and crystalline system.

Technical Details

Chemical Composition and Name BeAl2O4 – Beryllium Aluminium Oxide
Hardness 8.5
Refractive Index 1.753 – 1.759
Bi-refringence 0.008 – 0.010
Specific Gravity 3.71 – 3.72
Crystalline System Rhombic