Gemstone Wholesaler in Tanzania

Yoeni Mining has built its massive reputation as a leading Gemstone wholesaler in Tanzania. Being the most renowned name in this business line, we are proud of our widest range of manufacturing of semi precious & precious Gemstone beads & Jewelry backed by superior quality and authenticity.

Our Gemstones Beads are the rarest range of stunningly attractive and varied range of jewellery specially made for the gems enthusiasts like you. The jewelery range is small, round and colorful Gemstone made around beads in varied shapes & sizes. They are precisely cut to give them new shapes & dimension as per your needs. While designing the perfect gemstones for you, we follow ethical principles. We have expertise in offering grading and sorting gemstone material.

We are the top-notch gemstone based company in Dar es Salaam, thus offer the products excellent value. As a professional Tanzania gemstone Suppliers, we follow a highly sustainable and transparent business model to ensure the best decisions in buyers’ interest. So, if you need wholesale quality turquoise and gemstone beads at very competitive price, call our 24×7 customer service or visit our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why we are the best Gemstones Wholesaler in Tanzania?

We at  Gems source gemstones from the best and direct mines across the globe which eliminates the middlemen. As a result the gemstones retailed by our company are offered at wholesale prices.

Where do the Tanzania Gemstones Suppliers belong from?

We sell real and synthetic gemstones from suppliers from Brazil, Africa, India and Sri Lanka origins.

What is the Shipping Charges and Shipping time?

We are a Gemstone based company in Dar Es Salaam your order will be shipped within3 to 4 days after receipt of payment.

What are the Billing and Payment Options?

In terms of billing and payment options we accept all the major credit cards such as Visa, Master Card.  We accept other payment check, and Bank money order as well.